A space for my friends, mentors, and gurus. 

Carsten Spencer.


Carsten Spencer is the Spiritual Leader of Unity of Ukiah, an inspirational speaker, teacher, mentor and energy worker, he is the creator of Carsten Energy Alignment™ and The Miracle in 3 Breaths™.  His intention is to live from the heart, holding a space of love and acceptance that encourages connection, conscious awakening and authentic, creative expression through love, joy, compassion and equanimity. Contact Carsten.

Carolyn Jean.


Carolyn Jean is an energetic vibrant light in the lives of many. She is a life coach, speaker, yoga and fitness teacher in the San Francisco Bay Area. She is the creator of Magnetize Miracles, her signature three-month coaching program. She helps women who feel stuck and disconnected align with the highest version of themselves. In this program she collaborates with her clients to identify their intentions, release blocks, and embody new patterns. She has personally used the tools she offers in "Magnetize Miracles" and has truly stepped into a life beyond her widest dreams.  Contact Carolyn Jean.


Liya Garber.


Liya (Charan Kamal Kaur) creates a heart-filled, fun, joyful practice to assist in calming the mind and aligning with one's inner truth. She is gifted with a unique, innate ability to create and command a sacred space for humans to elevate and awaken to their destiny.  Liya is a powerful generator of freedom and emotional release.  Her goal is to teach as many humans in this lifetime, connecting with each one in a powerful way, and sharing the sacred teachings of Kundalini Yoga.  Contact Liya.