Yin movement

Women are born to create. The divine lies within. We are yin movement. Intuitive energy that flows inside our veins moving from the heart space.

In a society modeled on masculine energy, or yang, we may sometimes detach from our feeling sense. Task lists, to-do’s and agendas are examples of masculine drive, or yang. Yang is modeled all over society, community, profession, and family. We can easily loose our intuitive sense within the trip.

This is not to say that there’s anything wrong with masculine energy. Nothing at all. It is a different side of the very same coin. Yet, because we’re so modeled to live from yang, tapping into the flow of yin creativity takes more consciousness at times. I’ve found this to be true for me.

I am a woman with a very modeled upbringing around career success. My mom worked for a large corporation for almost 30 years. She rose to the top and won countless awards. Part of my youth was spent in her home office. Not only was her professional communication sense and style downloaded into my DNA, it was modeled in front of my eyes.

It’s not a surprise that I have a natural knack for business. Along with my professional sense for the work is an intuition for getting things done. A natural knowingness for bringing people together at the right time and place to accomplish a goal.

In this case the complimentary energies of intuition and task create an abundant alchemy. However, when there’s an imbalance in the energies, it’s usually my driver who overpowers. For an empath like me, running on yang for too long is a recipe for burnout. I’ve learned this through trial and error. When reaching burnout I know that self care and ample space without obligations are necessary.

In Bali last year that I took my first ever all women’s yoga class. The teacher, a beautiful soul, taught from her heart. Encouraging women to follow their own flow. To follow their intuition and find themselves within their own pose in their own time. I used to shy away from women’s circles and collectives. Maybe overwhelmed or intimidated by my sisters. It was easier for me to befriend men.

In that class something shifted. The spirit of the collective feminine “om” empowered me. Our yin energizing my soul. Once back in the States I bought the website yinmovement.com and set a goal of helping women reclaim their Source gifted intuitive power.

Put most simply, yin is a way back and in to Self. It is Self. Yin flows from our hearts. An essence of knowingness from which we can live and make decisions. Where creativity meets presence. Doing less and manifesting more.

Practically, when yin found me again, my actions shifted. Often it manifests in spontaneous movement. It’s hard for me to make some decisions in advance. Not knowing how I’ll feel or what I’m up for. Last minute decisions and invitations from me are the norm. This empowers me to stay present. To let spontaneous action and intuitive energy guide me in the direction of my heart. The direction of love and light.

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