Language of the beloved

i loved you before time. part of my tribe. part of my being. my essence sees you. twirling in the dark. spindles of light shining ecstatic luminosity. smiling laughter filled vibrations of lost continuum.

i see you. standing apart from everyone else i’ve ever known. standing there. do you see me? my heart screams, crying in the distance. holding a candle where your hand used to be.

my heart breaks pieces of fragmented dreams across a tear dropped floor. strewn with karmic tendrils curling around bits of etched beings.

letting go, dropping to my knees. grasping myself in compassion. with all of the love for you. pours back into my heart of being. trusting the infinite good of source inspired pastures. resistant but knowing. taking time to carve out the new muscle of care and shelter.

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