Illumination for Lightworkers

Stepping into the space of a Lightworker calls for time, patience, and practice. It takes a moment — or many — for the mind to wrap itself around the path. Even in that knowing, there’s an acknowledgement that the way, illuminated by Source, may be entirely different from the mind’s expanded definition.

For me, there’s been a gradual surrender into knowing nothing by fact. And learning that all the understanding comes from a spark within your divine guidance and intuition. The guidance and intuition, I believe, being Source and Angel guided.

The path of the Lightworker, for me, is learning that this spark is you. You are the flashlight in a dark sea of not-knowing. And to follow your own footprints; not those laid out by others, is the way. Family, community, and societal expectations must all be rest aside in the spirit of your own inner voice and guidance.

Admittedly, this feels like a whole lot of words for a murky concept at best. But if you look inside of the lines, your story is there too.

I recently sent an article I wrote about Lightworkers to my Mom. She appreciated the prose and admitted an unfamiliarity with the topic. So, tapping into my inner Creator, I sent her the following definition:

Lightworkers are folks sent here to earth as older souls to help support the growth of others. Into a higher resonance. Like love.

Showing others the space outside of the 3D fear based-anxious way of living within fight-flight constructs that we are inherently downloaded by virtue of being human and via our ancestors DNA.

Lightworkers can serve many purposes, but healing themselves and others is their primary, I believe.

This is just one definition for perhaps an, ultimately, define-less space. There’s sp much more to being a Lightworker that is beyond our mind’s understanding, I believe. For me, the real knowing is within my heart. Once I firmly landed there, rising into the space and claiming it as my own, has been empowering.

It is empowering to know, for example, that I was sent here with a specific purpose to help. Being of service to others makes my heart and soul sing. At the same time, it can feel disorienting because this formless space shatters the conditioned patterns I was born and raised with.

Sometimes my small “self” wonders if being a Lightworker is a figment of my imagination. It wonders if my ability to see and break karmic patterns is real. Look out for this voice, my friends. For the small “self” is the Ego. Be aware of its lurking and rise into your Soul’s truth.

You are real and what you experience is real. Don’t back down from your Source-gifts and strengths. Embrace them and step into your own power. If you are an Empath, for example, own it. When I feel energy shifts I’ll inquire why to learn what’s mine and not mine. Sometimes I share my experience directly with the person who may have brought the shift. The gift mystifies people but it’s how I shed my light.

Step outside of the 3D and into 5D with your voice and vibration. Rise beyond disillusionment and into Truth. I’m here with you, Lightworker. Thank you for being here, too.

Authors note: The Lightworker definition above is my own I’d be so curious to know what your definition is, dear friend. For there’s a unity in shared expression and community that I believe exists so we can power on together. If you wish, please message me

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