Self-care and navigating the holidays with grace.

It’s that time of year. The holidays are upon us. Mercury’s gone retrograde for the better part of December. And the full moon in Gemini on Sunday, December 3 will shine its energy for a few days following the event.

No doubt, there are a LOT of moving parts right now.

For energy sensitive beings, like us, it can sometimes feel overwhelming. Being pulled in so many directions. Our usual lives coupled with the expectations of the holiday season and the outside influences of our celestial partners.

While on the path, don’t forget, to pause and take care of yourself.

One way to self-care is by awareness. The holidays bring about an intense collective consciousness and can sometimes affect us. What that means is, retail energy is out there. Masses are focused on budgets, spending money, greed (finding the best deals), buying gifts, etc. Often people are really time focused and in a rush. Driving can feel extra intense for those reasons.

If you’re not aware of the collective energy, then you may find yourself unconsciously stepping into it. Is there an extra layer of stress inside of your body? Do you feel inexplicably agitated and anxious? Are you rushing to the next stop for no apparent reason? Then you may have stepped into a space thats not yours to embody.

What I suggest you do in these times is practice extreme self-care. Take pause and notice. Stop whatever you are doing and check-in with yourself. See where you are in the moment, in your body and mind. Tap into your essence and see what your true guidance is. These self-care rituals can help you ground and reconnect with self.

If you are confused about self-care, the good news is you can make it up as you go along! Absolutely take “figuring it out” off your to-do list. That’s the power of spiritual creativity. Whatever works for you is the “right” answer.

Here’s another ritual I’d suggest. Try going inside and taking a long, deep breath to begin. Imagine your chakra points. There are 7 and they begin at the base of the pelvic floor and climb up along the spine through the crown of your head. You can imagine each one lighting up and as your breath flows from bottom to top. That simple imagery may help you restore your sense of self and self-embodiment.

When you’re at home, self-care for the holidays can take endless manifestations. Meditation is powerful because it connects you back to self and to Source. You can take a long, hot bath with aromatherapy and soft music. I’ve found foot massage to have such healing properties because they ground me into presence and provide space to only receive.

We all deserve to receive and this feeds your Yin energy. The Yin is the female intuitive wisdom guiding your movements and responses. It is your inner voice and instinct. The Yang is masculine energy and embodies “to do” lists. So if you notice an imbalance, stop and relax. If you need to skip a party or table a shopping excursion in the spirit of you — follow your heart and do it.

With retrograde confusing communication and transportation, at times, I am personally making the decision to send my holiday gifts late if I need to. Just giving myself permission to be with what is and not to force things and solutions is a part of my self-care. This hits the last, and maybe most important, part of self-care. Remember to take care or your inner world during these sometimes stressful times. Speak to yourself with so much love and kindness. Be gentle with your mind. You are doing the best you can. Trust more and do less.

It’s a powerful time and end of our calendar year. We can come through it gracefully and with wisdom when our actions are mindful and skilled. The best way to maintain this space of grace is via self care, in my opinion. It should probably always be on the top of your holiday list. After all, you cannot be of service to others unless you put yourself first.

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