i Surrender

Standing on battlegrounds of my lives. Boxing gloves in my hand. I surrender. I put them down. And fall to my knees. Collapsed and staring into the heavens. Head lowered to the ground. Tears stream down my face returning to the earth. To the space between heaven and hell where they belong. The cycle of life picks them up, returning them to their sacred home. Amongst the roots of trees and flowers. From their fragrance springs new life and new existence for me. Sitting on the leaves of the lotus I wonder in delight. At the fragrant earth and sky. I am alive in this space every day. Living in the frequency of high vibrations. Mud at my feet. I trudge toward the happy destiny promised me. Each day opening my eyes to trust and fate. At the same time. I look ahead and wonder. I look behind perplexed. Still I trust. Still I wander. Still I wonder. Blessed be the earth and sky and the beings in between.

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