Love , L-O-V-E

Love understands patience like nothing else. It blossoms quietly in the humble folds of our heart. It stands on its toes looking toward the sun. Basking in the effervescent glow of the moon’s delight. Spectacularly colored by specs of fairy’s dust.

Love knows no boundaries. Its limitless reach envelops the Milky Way in wonder. As wide eyes blink between the specs of sand united within the cosmos. Reaching toward the infinite corners of the ocean’s tides, dipping along the cool breeze of wonder and delight.

Love knows no limits. It exists within a condition-less vortex of forever. Expanding with each breath and contracting with none. It buoys in the distance of the third eye firmly connected to mother earth’s floor. It is real and formless. It is everything.

Love is Existence. It is God. It is the Angels, Spirits, and tailwinds that guide ships to their shores. It is the purest light from the dawn’s sunshine that sits inside the compass of your soul. Forever guiding you to grow and expand.

Love is you. You are love. Love is everything. Each breath, each sigh, each whimper, each cry. The luckiest of heart beats to the drum of its journey. Blessed be the light. Blessed be we each. Love yourself as you love me.

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