returning to the divine

What if clocks didn’t exist… And the only thing that marched us forward was the compass of our own heart? What if true North was the way that Higher Power held as the only means to freedom… And by following our own bliss we’d spring forth into the generosity of a happy heart and solace? For the dark before the dawn holds steady like an inkwell. Giving time and space for things to reveal. So that on the other side of sorrow one might find the light of bliss. Of Mother God. of Father God. Of all that is real. And what is real anyway? Certainly not the clock on my wall. Another vain attempt by man to control the masses of minds. How they overdeveloped with time and sought refuge from the heart. For the depths of true feelings are too bright at times. One must shade their eyes. But not me. Not the brave who rise high into the 5D. The mission of earth is no longer to abandon what’s real in favor of the constructs. No. We rise high into love. Light. Into the only polarities that are true. We expand and our wings grow stronger, and breakthrough the webs of outdated ideas. Our power makes us real. Letting go of the worries, fears, and anxious gaze of nowhere. Letting go and stepping through; the doorway awaits. To surrender takes faith. We find trust within and the fabric of infinite nothingness and angelic realms supporting us. But because fear holds more structure, most of us prefer that. So to let go. To surrender. To truly believe. That’s where the infinite heart of love connects to the Source from above and below and allows Divine nature to take hold. So the fear keeps us small. But the love grows us greater. Into the mirror of who we really were all along. The soul takes us there. The dimensions beyond holding space for all to reach them. To return back to heart, to love, to the essence of what’s Divine. Not faulting us for going astray but applauding our bravery to try. And now by failed effort, gently nudging our return back to faith. The hero’s journey is the searching. Looking inside every cave. Wondering where the solace and peace of a forever heart is located. When it was inside of us all along. Let go of the clock. Let go of the illusion of time. It serves us not anymore. For with the angels the expansion of forever connects to the infinite loop of the divine’s love and grace. Ever leading us forward around a spiral of wellbeing to discover our very own destiny. Allow it to be so. Allow its wisdom to dissect a gracious and wise you. Whom you’ve always been, before the forgetting, and who you are turning back to now. This is a ripe time to be alive. For the seers know and the waysharers will show. Find your path and humbly claim your destiny.

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