Solar recognitions

Tap dancing into light. She felt lost; forlorn. The scowl on her face tethered by the sands of time.

Her emptiness echoed from the outside, like the plea of a lost puppy. Searching for its mom.

She thought.

The lies she told herself, they stuck like glue. She feared her soul held them in belief.

But, by the grace of god, the truth always wins. Love.

The light is glue within darkness. It radiates from within like the vast expansion of a whales deep breath. It spans into the infinite universe of forever where the angels and guides truly land.

We are one with the sun. We are one with the great and vast realm of the gods. We are one with everyone. We are god. Each and every one of us; divine.

To live the treasure hunt of soul work is our lifetime’s work. To live beyond our wildest dreams and of felicity with the fairies.

We each glitter like toys in the rainbow dimensions of candy canes. WE live to LIVE. We love to LOVE. We are love. United in love we each stand.

Let your wings grow. Giant and grand in the expansive heart of golden divine light. Where the light shines on forever and our eye’s twinkle in genuine angelic mist.

We let go and find this place. Surrendering all the stories of crimes committed in this lifetime and past.

We let go of everything we once knew — to find this place. To claim our birthright of joy, peace and happiness.

We reclaim our hearts from the sweeps of time and back into the presence where angels stand. The gift of light that lives right here and now.

This moment is real and sews our purpose for self-growth and learning.

To be alive is god’s greatest gift. And so, you are god.

Gaze your reflection to see the infinite, the divine, alive in you. Twinkle and turn in the aspects of creativity that flourish from your heart and mind like waterfalls of light that dust a thirsty land.

Let yourself go. Let all of you go. Drop the stories of what was and open your arms to what can be. All the dreams of the world are yours for the creating.

Let creation take hold and teach us how to accept its love. Allow its pure divine energy into our bones, hearts, and minds. Pray to soften the surfaces still a bit marred from the tests of time and let the light in. In the essence of goodness and the motive of well-being, live.

Surrender! We are one! We are one with all!

We are each divine union on the inside. We are the yin yang of god’s great nectar.

Live each breath for the goodness of carefree perfection. Let the sun in and glow from each chakra. Find your joy and innocence. Cherish each breath and vibrate.

Then share your soul gifts with others, and accept theirs in return. Grow the expansiveness of unity in your conscious and anchor heaven on earth.

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