The sacred geometry of life

What is it like to remember then to forget again? Why am I here? Why was earth created this way? Questions can so easily fill a dome with half-thinking when we wonder about life’s strange design. Burying ourselves in the mystery of things and the business of ‘trying to figure it out.’ A fruitless task for the most part. The magic being is what we cannot see. And the ecstasy, all that binds it together. To swim inside the pure bliss of not-knowing is like continually being within the aha moment of surprise. Then each turn and wind in the road makes sense because it just is. This is pure presence. The willingness to sit inside the passenger seat of life's car while Spirit takes the unseen wheel. To allow the nature of things to pave the pathway in real-time while the ego takes reprieve in the sense of being OK. Real courage and spiritual work create the corridor. For without the mastery of ego the road less traveled is blind. What is the point?

We are not here to learn answers per se. Though the inquiry may provide sign posts along the way. We are here to participate. Life is a creative co-creation with the world. Likely not preordained or mapped, but a journey playfully adventured by each choice we make along the way. Guided by the angelic realm, we are never alone on our path. There is a balance danced as we make heart centered decisions along the way. We are one with the fifth dimension and the unity consciousness of love. This light is anchoring here on the 3D grid. Our lives and beings are all connected. Each person is a God, and each life Spirit granted to carryout its divine destiny on Earth this go-round. Remember this as we gaze into each others eyes. We serve as mirrors for each other. That is our service along the path to spiritual growth. Some may serve as beacon points, others may appear anchors. But each has a specific design to the fabric of how our community might function in the here and now. And onward. If it were not meant to be this way, then Spirit would guide it trajectory. In this way, take rest and reprieve in life’s footprint. For the very moment in time we find ourselves in now is divine. Divinely ordered, destined. It is on-path and in the flow. So relax. Let the mind go. Follow the light inside to the center of your soul and feel peace. Divine inspiration comes from here. It enters the crown chakra and flows through heart into your fingertips and toes.

This is your true sense of self. Allow it to flood your center of awareness with the rush that everything is OK. A high frequency of light is what guides us from this place. So relax, let go, surrender. Take hands off the wheel and peek out the window. A lush and wise landscape awaits your bare feet to tiptoe across it as the map of life unfolds in graceful ease. You are loved, unconditionally. You are a gift. Shine your light and dance! Co-create and exist. Enjoy life in the simplicity of each moment and give love freely. This is the magic, the simplicity, and a gift. Sat Nam.

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